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Register company
International Daryun Systems Consultants can assist you in setting up and registering companies in Canada, Australia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Spain, and Turkey, and you are no longer concerned about the next company service by registering in these countries.
• Investors who seek to establish a large company usually choose to register a company in Turkey.
The registration of companies in Turkey takes 7 to 10 business days and requires the presence of the CEO and shareholders of the company in Turkey (it should be noted that Daryun International Advisers can, with the assent of the employer, process the registration process without their presence One of the benefits of registering a company in Turkey is that 100% of the shares are in the name of the Iranian individual. The company registration requirements in Turkey are lease of office and recruitment of financial adviser. Daryun International Consultants Company will provide you with this system. The process can help. The applicant can open a bank account in Turkey and is not in a position to transfer his money. By registering a partner In Turkey, the applicant can also have a commercial code and a tax code. To register a company in Turkey, the company can register the company’s capital from 10,000 TL to the top. By registering a company in Turkey, you can also find residence and work visas in Turkey. In the course of a 2-week stay, one year and one month Turkish visa will be taken. To obtain a Turkish visa, the company’s registered capital must be 100,000 LIR, of which 25% must be deposited in the applicant’s account for a short time. Also, the list is rejected. Insurance is also a requirement, and the advantage is that this residence becomes permanent residence.
Turkey is bordered by eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Hence, applicants for registration in Turkey are countless.
Most of the free market economy in the country is increasingly driven by industry and service sectors, although its traditional agricultural sector still accounts for 25% of employment. Since 2003, the number of foreign companies in Turkey has more than doubled. Daryun’s international consultants can help you set up and register a company in Turkey, and you are not worried about the next company service with us.
Registering a company in Turkey We will provide you with the best possible introduction of secured registrars in Turkey.
You can register with these companies in the countries listed above.